weird news

  • Πώς να Σκηνοθετήσεις τον Θάνατό Σου

    Το να σκηνοθετήσεις τον θάνατό σου είναι μόνο το ένα σκέλος. Το τι θα κάνεις μετά είναι το πρόβλημα.

  • The Act of Puking

    Vomiting makes some people feel so good that they’ve devoted their lives to studying it. Their ultimate goal is to answer the questions: Why do people blow their grits, and what are we to do about it? The answers are more complicated than one might...

  • Soul on Fire

    California’s Conservation Camp program is a huge but little known joint venture between the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation and Cal Fire, the state firefighting agency. The program disperses some 4,200 felons from California’s...

  • Selling Safe Sex to the Developing World

    DKT International, an NGO that provides birth control throughout the developing world, is among the organizations trying to contain the country’s population bomb, and it’s doing so with condom commercials that are too hot for Pakistani TV.

  • Hell’s Warm Welcome

    Hell is a quaint little village in Norway that’s the resting place of 1,600 souls. There are red-roofed houses, a post office, a grocery store, and even a church.

  • The Unhappy Fate of Ghanaian Witches

    In Ghana, witches are real. At least, enough people believe in them for accusations of sorcery to be a serious thing. The lucky witches wind up in one of the country’s six “witch camps,” where village chieftains offer them safety from persecution. The...

  • Needle Play Is a New Frontier of Love

    Needle play, the blanket term used to describe inserting needles into your body to get off, is quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of kink in the BDSM world.

  • Kira Radinsky Is an Internet Oracle

    Dr. Kira Radinsky can see into the future. She is pioneering predictive data-mining software that can forecast natural disasters, disease epidemics, social unrest, and violence outbreaks.

  • Your Baby Is Worthless if It Isn’t a DJ

    Hey, how’s your baby doin’? What kind of music is it listening to? Kidz Bop? The Wiggles? Well, that might be fine for some people’s kids, but if you really loved your baby, you’d be dropping $200 to send it to Baby DJ School.

  • I Left My Lungs in Aamjiwnaang

    The first thing you notice about Sarnia, Ontario, is the smell: a potent mix of gasoline, melting asphalt, and the occasional trace of rotten egg. Shortly after my arrival I already felt unpleasantly high and dizzy, like I wasn’t getting enough air...

  • Afghanistan's Carpet Loomers Are Feeding Their Kids Hashish

    Poverty drives both the carpet and drug business. Husbands tend to be farmers, working long hours in the fields. The only income opportunity for women, who are not able to work anywhere but their homes, is carpet making. But who takes care of the...

  • Please Stop Believing

    I like to think of myself as an equal-opportunity offender, that all religions are just different sides of the same million-or-so-headed coin to me. The specifics of what ancient person has what magic power according to whatever secret text is simply a...