drug smuggling


The Trickle-Down Economics of Nicaragua’s Drug Trade

When the Bluefields and the rest of Nicaragua's Caribbean Coast was a hub for cocaine traffic, violence went up and most of the profits went to unscrupulous kingpins—but the extra money was also a boon to many poor residents.
Ray Downs
Gavin Haynes's Sleepless Nights

A Depressing Guide to the Classic British Drug-Mule Arrest

The girls say they met a man from London in Ibiza. And he handed them over to a Peruvian drugs gang, who flew them to South America and coerced them into muling 2.3 million pounds' worth of coke. The British-drugs-mule-nabbed pageant has many moves...
Gavin Haynes

This Is What Happens When You Try to Smuggle Two Wheelie Bins Full of Khat into America

One man who knows all about transporting khat internationally behind the authorities' backs is Manchester native Colin "Renno" Rennicks. He was locked up in the super maximum-security wing of an American prison after being caught attempting to sneak 4...
Nick Chester
Pen Pals

HardWhite, an Introduction

The ballad of HardWhite and RockBottom's first meeting and the beginning of a deliciously destructive relationship that was created by the lucrative machinery that manifests itself from a combination of prison, women, and drugs.
Bert Burykill
The Travel Issue

Dead Babies on Coke

Way before you were born, I was a mule for Pablo Escobar. My first temporary job was posing as a tourist on planes that were used to smuggle contraband.
Susan Musgrave