• 12.8.13

      T. Kid's Bad Luck Charm

      Maintaining a high school weed habit was a hassle exemplified by run-ins with the police. For years, the cops never arrested us—they were chasing us for fun—but this merry game of cat and mouse turned dark one summer when police found a dime bag in my...

    • 10.20.13

      Getting High With a Teenager Who Shouldn't Smoke Weed

      During sophomore year of high school, my best friend's little brother was on lockdown because he was suspended for blazing at school. My best friend wanted me to help her brother stay sober, but when her brother offered to smoke me out, I couldn't...

    • 9.1.13

      Shoob the Weed Snatcher

      Asking a stranger for a hit usually leads not only to stonedness but also to conversation and new acquaintances. I'm the sort that shares weed without a caveat. That's why it's especially unsettling when one friend accuses another of being a sneak.

    • 8.31.13

      This Must Be the Place

      Waking up from the night of destruction that made me decide to get sober, I was surprised I was alive. After I got over my hangover, I was excited about sobriety. So was my partner, so were my friends. But we were ignorant about what my recovery meant.

    • 8.25.13

      Jummy's Infinite Stash

      In retrospect, my mom was probably right about Jummy being a bad influence. One summer, he always had weed. I had no clue where it came from, but Jummy said I could continue smoking it without smoking him out in return if I never asked him where he got...

    • 8.4.13

      P.J. The Narc

      I was dreading going on my marketing class's field trip. Everyone in the class sucked. I breathed a sigh of relief when my teacher told me I'd be rooming with my friend Tal. But then my teacher told me we'd be sharing a room with P.J. the narc.

    • 5.7.13

      We Need to Stop Arresting So Many Children

      The law-enforcement system isn’t designed for children—just about the only thing it can do is send people to jail, which in nearly every case is a horrific overreaction when it comes to kids being dumb. The police can be one of the most destructive...

    • 4.9.13

      Three Teen Girls in Ottawa Pleaded Not Guilty to Pimping

      According to a very detailed report by the 'Ottawa Citizen,' and a thoroughly researched feature for 'Ottawa Magazine,' three teen girls in Ottawa have been accused of running a prostitution ring.

    • 8.16.12

      Rose Review - How Far Have You Gone?

      I couldn’t tell Josh that I was fisted by a crazy kid or that I hypnotized my cousin with my amazing vagina. It would make me sound too insane.