• 1.15.15

      Τα Χωριά του Καρκίνου

      Ο φωτορεπόρτερ Souvid Datta πήγε σε εκείνα τα χωριά, όπου κάθε δεύτερο σπίτι έχει χάσει και έναν άνθρωπο από καρκίνο.

    • 6.3.13

      How Many Trees Does It Take to Fill a Mexican Art Space With Printed Websites?

      Kenneth Goldsmith, the Museum of Modern Art's poet laureate, wants to print out the entire internet and put it on display in Mexico City's LABOR space. How many trees will have to die for this art? By my count, 56,000.

    • 12.14.12

      The Best Places to Stash Used Condoms

      All human activities produce waste. When one drives an automobile, carbon monoxide is expelled. After eating a meal, a person tends to create what most reputable scientists refer to as “shit.” Sexual relations are not exempt from this rule.

    • 7.9.12

      What Did You Want to Be When You Grew Up?

      We asked some schlubs on the street if they lived up to the lofty dreams of their youth. They didn't.

    • 1.1.11

      Hey, That’s Not Garbage

      Humans create an atrocious amount of waste. According to a 2008 report by the EPA, every American produces about five pounds of garbage a day. That’s right, on average each one of us fucking slobs throws away more than 1,800 pounds of crap every year.

    • 12.1.06

      Books On A Budget

      Do you like spending shitloads of money on stuff you don't really need? I mean who are you, really, if you can't drop a couple thou here and there on what-ever-the-fuck? What's the point of even drawing another breath if you can't live a little?

    • 3.1.06


      Back when I was the only poor kid at a rich school, I would spend my midday breaks looking for the pricey cookies other kids had left lying around the huge athletic stadium.