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Sri Lanka: Caught in the Crossfire

De tergend lange laatste dagen van de Tamil Tijgers. Als je ooit enig nieuws gelezen hebt weet je dat op dit moment, terwijl je dit leest, in Sri Lanka een gevecht gehouden wordt waarbij de troepen van de regering de Tamil Tijgers proberen uit te...

The prolonged last days of the Tamil Tigers. If you are any sort of news-reader you should be aware that right this very minute, as you’re reading this, the island of Sri Lanka is being torn apart as the government forces push for the final eradication of the Tamil Tigers. Just this weekend the Sri Lankan army broached the 20-mile-wide safe zone housing the last remnant of the Tigers as well as an estimated 100,000 civilian refugees. Despite their almost complete lack of prospects, the Tigers aren’t giving up the fight, the civilians are dodging bullets from both sides, and nobody from the media can get in to see what’s going on. It’s a fucking mess. For more on the background of the conflict, footage from the front line, and what this whole thing means for the future of South Asia please enjoy this extra-special Ceylonese VBS News special Sri Lanka: Caught in the Crossfire.Update: It’s over. Tigers lost.