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Dit zou je zusje kunnen zijn

Jessie Andrew is 19 en pornoster. We spraken haar, en ze stuurde wat naaktfoto’s.

Jessie Andrew is 19 en pornoster. We spraken haar, en ze stuurde wat naaktfoto’s.

Even though I find porn gross and don’t buy the argument that it’s empowering for women, I can’t stop reading Jessie Andrews’ blog. She just seems so normal. Reading her posts about what she ate for breakfast and going to the mall, you almost forget you’ve seen her simultaneously choked and fucked while crying. I caught up with the 19-year-old American porn/social media celebrity to talk about crushes, how to be comfortable in your own skin, and, of course, doing it.


VICE: Hey Jessie! First up, I’m assuming that’s an alias. Where’d it come from? 

Jessie Andrews: Jessie was my mom’s dog’s name, and Andrews was the street I was driving on when I had to pick a last name.

You got into porn when you were 18. How did that happen?

My friend was an extra in a film and she told me how much she made for showing her boobs. I was immediately interested because I’m motivated by money. I’m not afraid of what people think of me. I have common sense, I’ve never done drugs, and I’m allergic to alcohol so I knew I’d have an upper hand and be successful in this industry.

You don’t even smoke weed?


Your parents must love that. Do they know what you do for a living? 

Yeah. My whole family knows.

And they’re cool with it?

They told me they’d love me no matter what, they just want me to be safe and happy.

That’s cute, but doesn’t it creep you out that your dad could Google your name and see you um… working? 

Thank God he doesn’t even know how to use email! I’m not going to lie, that would be weird.

So let’s talk about work. Is porn easier or harder than it looks? 

It’s definitely harder. The guys have two jobs: to stay hard and cum on command. I can “sport fuck”—I don’t just lay there. I can fuck a guy in any position and he doesn’t have to move. Having a lot of spit, being passionate, talking to the camera, knowing how to network, not having tattoos, being all-natural, personable, knowing how to pose, and being humble are all qualities you need. I’m here to have life-changing sex and make money.


What are the best and worst things about your job? 

The best is being able to fall temporarily in love with someone. You can fuck them and never have to have a relationship with them. I feel like a man whore! The worst is not being able to take a vacation because you have to be available to work all the time.

Have you made many friends in the business? 

I have a few good friends from my agency, the Spiegler Girls, but I normally don’t hang out with industry people. I think that keeps me down to earth.

What do your friends who aren’t in porn think about your career?

I’m not really sure. They treat me just like everyone else.

How about your best friend. What’s she like and what do you do together?

My best friend lives in Miami. I lived there for 18 years. Her name is Viviana and when I visit we dance, see movies, eat a lot Spanish food, chat about what’s new, and just be ourselves. It’s nice to have someone know exactly what you’re thinking before you say it.

I’ve been thinking that girls are too harsh to each other.

I do too, I never call anyone names. It’s disrespectful.

You’re really pretty and you seem confident. Do you reckon girls are intimidated by you? 

Yes! It’s weird because I don’t think I’m that pretty. Maybe it’s my attributes that make me attractive.

Some days I hate going to work. It must be challenging if you don’t feel 100 percent and you have to act like you’re really into being fucked.


I’ve never missed a shoot, never flaked, and I’m always on time. Unless I’m deathly, I’ll have my game face on no matter what.

Is it weird having sex with people who are much older than you? 

I’m only 19, so it’d be illegal to have sex with people much younger.

Is it an anti-climax having sex with normal guys after having sex with people who do it for a living?

It’s tough but if you really like someone, the sex will be just as good.

You must have heaps of boys after you. What do you look for in a guy?
No way Jose! In real life I never get hit on. I always asked my mom why boys never liked me. She said it was because they were intimidated. I have too many standards to even look for a guy.

So you don’t have a crush?
I wish I did. It’d be way easier to masturbate.

Can you be in porn and have a boyfriend?
I think it’s possible. Even marriages are possible, but I’m sure they’re difficult.

Do you ever want kids?
Not really.

What’s an average day like for you?
I wake up, Tweet “good morning,” think about what I need to do that day if I’m not shooting, take pictures and post them, get Starbucks, put clothes on, post more pics, Tweet, eat, go to the mall, hula hoop, Tweet, post pics, social networking, work on music, eat, post more pics, shower, then Tweet goodnight. I’m pretty simple.

Do you ever party?
Not really. I like to stay home. I’m a loser.

How do you deal with things when you feel sad or lonely?
I don’t think anyone in the world has ever seen me mad. I’m super passive—I just ignore stuff. And I’m never lonely because I have the internet.


Did you kiss another girl before porn? 
Hell yeah! That was the only thing to do in high school to get boys’ attention.

What was losing your virginity like?
Like a stereotypical high school lust story.

What do you think about fake tits?
I love my boobs and I’m grateful to have them, but a really long time from now I might have to indulge in some new ones.

What advice would you give to girls your age to help them feel comfortable in their own skin?
You’re still young and your body is going to change as you get older. Look at me, my boobs are growing every day, my face is thinning out, and my baby fat is slowly disintegrating. I wonder what I’ll look like next week.

I’m guessing you’ll still look great. By the way, I totally got sucked into the storyline of your new movie, Portrait Of A Call Girl. I liked how it opened with a Jean-Paul Sartre quote, which was so unexpected. What was filming like?
It was amazing. Everyone at Elegant Angel, from the directors to the makeup artists to the receptionists, are such genuine, amazing people. They are my favorite company, so filming this movie was a pleasure and an honor. I cried, I punched a mirror, I beat myself up, I ran full speed in the desert, I cried some more. This movie really pushed my acting skills and I’m very proud of it.

I don’t really watch porn. Once my friend and I went back to a guy’s house and he put on Edward Penis Hands and we bailed. Is there anything you could recommend me—maybe something with a good plot or nice cinematography? 

Portrait of a Call Girl, of course. Digital Playground does a lot of original, high quality movies. New Sensations has their romance line, and you’d totally get a kick out of the parodies… who doesn’t want to see a Simpsons porn?