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Check de nieuwe video van She Keeps Bees ft. Sharon van Etten

Als je net als wij fan bent van Sharon van Etten, word je ook blij van deze samenwerking.

Hier bij Noisey zijn we groot fan van Sharon van Etten. Als jij dat niet bent, mag je je weleens achter je oren krabben. We worden dus logischerwijs ook blij van de samenwerking tussen Van Etten en She Keeps Bees op het nummer It Is What It Is. De band uit Brooklyn, New York komt in augustus met een nieuw album, Eight Houses. De video voor It Is What It Is is een beetje vreemd, met kinderen bovenop een auto, dus hebben we regisseur Keith Musil om het verhaal erachter gevraagd. Zijn anwoord:

"The concept for this video was inspired by a story a good friend of mine told me. Apparently, he and his little brother where driving somewhere with their mother. His brother at the time was around 3 years old; my friend a couple years older. For no particular reason his brother decided to unstrap himself from his child seat, quickly open the door and roll out of the moving car as if it was second nature.

"It all happened so fast that my friend had to alert his mother to his brothers sudden self-ejection.Their mother obviously freaked out, pulled over and retrieved her completely uninjured son who by no means was shook up by the accident. My buddy's crazy brother aside, this video is another interpretation of that classic story that reminds us of what is truly important in life even though we are all so weighed down by other things that should actually come secondary. So yeah, take notice when your kid decides to crawl out the car and dance on it's roof while traveling 70mph on a major LA freeway."

En dan ben je nu klaar om te kijken. Klik op de play-knop hierboven.