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Carbon Copies

All the photos of the world's most adorable redheaded twins that we couldn't squeeze into the magazine.

Today's featured magazine article is an interview with the cutest twins on the entire planet, Monette and Mady. The sisters are Parisians who have been living together, eating the same meals, and dressing identically for decades. They are as close to inseparable as two humans who aren't connected Siamese-style can be. Tragically, as is the case with most magazine articles, some of the photos from the piece were cut due to space constraints. Time was, those images would be stored in an editor's filing cabinet and forgotten about posthaste. But thankfully, the internet was invented with the aim of creating an international platform for showcasing extra pictures of cute redheaded twins that wouldn't fit in a print publication. So here they are, the web-only Monette and Mady pictures that we couldn't squeeze into this month's issue.

To read the interview with these two fashionable balls of adorable, click here.