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  • Stoya on the Importance of Accurately Writing About Sex Work

    On-camera sex scenes are often edited and stitched together to create a final product that barely resembles what happened on set. Similarly, accounts of sex work can be altered through writing and editing to give people the wrong idea about the industry.

  • Stoya on Ovarian Cysts and Dressing for Porn Awards

    Modern medicine can offer me the ability to have my eggs frozen with a decent chance of turning one into a baby 20 years from now, but it can't help me stop the pain from ovarian cysts. With no happy ending in sight, I'm going to babble about the porn industry's award season and

  • Stoya on the Great Condom Debate

    Mandatory Condom Use in Porn Is Poor Policy

  • Stoya: Feminism and Me

    Shirking the F-word feels like turning my back on the women who fought to give me many of the advantages I have. So here goes: Hi, I’m Stoya. My politics and I are feminist... But my job is not.

  • Stoya on Ethics, Porn, and Workers' Rights

    I got screwed on my first porn contract. I was naive enough to sign a stock agreement, and what I've learned from my early dealings is that a fair deal in porn means making sure that the exploitation is mutual and balanced. But for other workers in the industry, it's a lot harde…

  • Stoya in Praise of the Posterior, AKA the Butt

    On Tuesday I was in Las Vegas again, and my trip had me thinking about butts. The vast majority of the butts I see in person belong to people who work in pornography or are involved in other sorts of work in front of cameras or on stages. Which is why the new Discovery Channel su…

  • Stoya on Starvation Economies and Getting New Cats

    I've only encountered the concept of starvation economy in BDSM-practicing and polyamorous communities. How it is possible to have enough love for more than one partner? With lovers, jobs, and with cats love is not so much a problem of vanishing stockpiles of affection, but one o…

  • Natural Beauty Is Just a Marketing Tool

    In porn, one of the things I'm marketed as is "all natural." This phrase basically indicates that I have not had breast implants or other obvious plastic surgery. It has absolutely nothing to do with whether I've dyed the hair on my head, what temporary or permanent body-hair-rem…

  • So You Want to Perform in Porn

    If you read that and thought, 'Why yes, I do want to perform in porn,' this is for you. If not, please feel free to read along for potential entertainment value. Or put the computer down, and go do whatever it is that people do on Fridays. For those of you still interested, the f…

  • Stoya on Peeking Behind the Porn Curtain

    As a culture, we are fascinated by what entertainers and public personalities do when they aren't at work and how they became who they are. This is why demand for biographies, interviews, and backstage/on-set photographs exists. The superficiality in these projects rubs me the wr…