The Defense of NXIVM Leader Accused of Seeking Sex Slave: He’s Not a Misogynist

A lawyer representing accused sex trafficker Keith Raniere floated a few questionable tropes of his own in closing arguments.
Sarah Berman
hate crimes

The Violent Reality of Being Black and Queer

Death threats and physical violence, in record numbers, plague Black queer and non-queer people alike.
Clarissa Brooks
noisey beats 1

Chad Hugo Shares How Ol' Dirty Bastard Made "Got Your Money"

Tune into episode 168 this Sunday at 11 AM EST/8AM PST and 11 PM EST/8 PM PST when 10k and Justice joins Noisey Radio on Beats 1.
Noisey Staff

Brett Kavanaugh's Calendar Shows His Teams Took a Lot of Ls

The calendar includes two Washington Bullets games, several high school games, and a golf tournament.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Inside a Court Room Specialized in Justice for Gender Violence

In El Salvador, one of the most dangerous countries in the world for women and girls, specially trained judges make sure 'machismo' culture doesn't lead to impunity for abusers and murderers.
Anna-Cat Brigida

A South African Artist Made an Ex-President’s Rape Trial into Art

At the Berlin Biennale, Dineo Seshee Bopape turned the drip-drip-drip of oppressive systems into powerful films and installations.
Josie Thaddeus-Johns

Ten Questions You Always Wanted to Ask a Lawyer Who Defends Rapists

"Hearing someone give evidence about how their life has been ruined is emotional for absolutely everyone."
Sam Nichols

Cops Are Nearly 3 Times More Likely to Kill Black Americans Than White Americans

Black and brown people are also getting killed at younger ages, losing more total years of life
Melissa Pandika
New music

Hold Up a Second: Justice Are Releasing a New Album In August

'Woman World Wide' will see the French duo reworking some of their best known tracks. It's due on August 24.
Lauren O'Neill

The Painful Battle of Fighting for the Right to Die

Omid suffers from a rare nervous system disorder that will slowly and painfully kill him. He's crowdfunding a legal challenge for the right to die how he wants.
Oscar Rickett
Women Making History

31 Women Making History by Creating a Better Future

For every day in March, we're highlighting one woman who saw a problem in the world and decided to do something about it.
Broadly Staff
sexual assault

An Army of 156 Survivors Showed the World What a Monster Larry Nassar Is

By encouraging so many victims to read their impact statements in full, Judge Rosemarie Aquilinia allowed her courtroom to become a space for catharsis. As one woman said: "We are Jane Does no more."
Linda Yang