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  • I Went to a Raëlian Cult Protest for Titties

    The organization Go Topless has been reprimanded by the media as a superficial publicity stunt since its establishment in 2007. When I arrived on the scene, Raëlian men and women were parading around a statue holding signs about "equal rights."

  • It’s Time to Learn About the Female Prostate

    We recently published two articles that referenced the female prostate. Many commenters freaked out, incredulous at the authors’ seemingly poor grasp of human anatomy. So we asked Kara Crabb to respond by writing her own guide to the mythic gland.

  • A Bluetooth-Enabled Vibrator Made Me Reconsider Sexual Intimacy

    As a blogger for a media website, I often write about personal experiences and sometimes I’m given free products to advertise under the guise of narrative. The OhMiBod® blueMotion™ is a Bluetooth™ enabled vibrator that's "perfect for couple play," so my partner and I gave it a wh…

  • Here Are More Reasons Why Girls Should Only Have Anal Sex

    Here's Kara Crabb's follow-up to her stunningly popular expose on why girls should only do it in the butt. You can't grow a baby in your ass, but you can have an orgasm if you try a little.

  • Therapy with Steve Girard, AKA Stevie Eats Worms

    I hate to keep coming back to this, but after I gargled my piss on the internet I received a lot of heartfelt missives from urine enthusiasts the world over. One very intrusive fan even searched my DNS registration and sent me a text with my father’s name and address, warning me…

  • We Reviewed 'Figure 1' the Instagram for Doctors

    I’m glad that there is now a service (it’s almost exactly like Instagram) to document the weird things that nurses, technicians, surgeons, and physicians get to deal with on a daily basis.

  • Jacob Barnett Is Even Better in 3D

    Jacob Barnett has been getting a lot of media attention lately because he is an autistic baby genius. I have been following his story for over a year now, waiting for my chance to pounce. When I found out he was going to be at a science-outreach festival, manning an exhibit calle…

  • Bitches Be Writing: A History

    The first important modern writer with a vagina emerged out of nowhere, with an exaggerated, hyperbolic diary she called Pride and Prejudice, written when she was just 21 years old. As a result, universities all over the place now have feminist-lit departments. Here's a lo…

  • Barely Legal: Jessie Andrews Is a Jack-of-All-Trades

    When I first saw Jessie Andrews doing sexy naked stuff on film, it blew my mind. Everything about her performance seemed so honest, refreshing, and visually stunning. She is only 20-years-old and started in the industry as soon as she turned 18, which to me exudes an enormous amo…

  • How to Get a Girl to Shit on Your Chest

    Human sexuality is a fascinating thing. Sometimes it can be compromising to our health and safety, sometimes it can be mind-blowingly euphoric, and sometimes it can be fully imbued with the act of taking a shit.