Kevin Sites

War Correspondent

twitter: @kevinsites

Kevin Sites has spent the past decade reporting on global war and disaster for ABC, NBC, CNN, and Yahoo! News. He is currently reporting for VICE in Afghanistan during fighting season.

Articles by Kevin Sites

  • The Former Beauty Queen Lawyering in Afghanistan's Sharia Courts

    An excerpt from journalist Kevin Sites's new book, Swimming with Warlords.

  • Swimming with Warlords

    I returned to Afghanistan in June for my fifth visit, on the eve of America’s 2014 planned withdrawal, to attempt to understand what had happened to the country in the 12 years since I first set foot there and what might happen this time, after I left.

  • The Kabul Zoo Is a Rare Afghan Success Story

    The tale of Marjan the lion became an entry point for many Americans in understanding the larger story of Afghanistan. It was a narrative of war, hardship, and survival presented through a battle-scarred symbol of the Afghan people, their outlast-them-all, last-cat-standing, gren…

  • Anatomy of a Mortar Attack

    US Army Private First Class Brian Wintering and Specialist Shannon Kelley were hanging around their heavily armored vehicle known as an MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) when the round hit. Wintering and Kelley scrambled to get to the combat aid station, both bleeding, but s…

  • Afghanistan's Game of Drones

    Geography rules in eastern Afghanistan. Rugged mountains and rocky plains make it a difficult trek for people, but well-suited for drones. The Shadow 200, made by the AAI Corporation, is the width of a garage door. Depending on its configuration, it can weigh as much as 425 pound…

  • The Enduring Art of Afghanistan

    Despite the conflict and the former Taliban regime, who opposed the depiction of any human or animal forms in photographs, drawings, or paintings, art has not only survived in Afghanistan, but has re-emerged as a creative and provocative force in Kabul.

  • Donkey Bomber Kills Three US Soldiers and an Interpreter

    On Tuesday at 8:30 AM, about the time soldiers wrap up their patrol around the mud houses and walled compounds of the Sayadabad district, a suicide bomber riding a donkey came close enough to kill three US soldiers, their Afghan interpreter, and wound four Afghan National Army tr…

  • Afghanistan's Opium Plague

    In West Kabul there is a bridge called Pul-sokhta where hundreds of Afghan drugs addicts gather to shoot up heroin, smoke, buy, and sell drugs or nod off after using. Raw sewage flows openly under the bridge and garbage covers nearly every inch of ground.

  • Afghanistan's Skate Camp for Kids

    Fareed Wahidi is tearing it up. The 16-year old Afghan looks like he was born on a deck, plunging down a steep ramp and blasting off the other side. Until two years ago he’d never seen a real skateboard. Now he makes it look like part of his body.

  • Afghanistan's Great Wall of Bones

    The wall’s creation story is a dark one. King Zamburak in the sixth century was said to have been a brutal monarch, forcing all his male subjects to work on the wall, which runs along the Sher Darwaza mountains. Those who refused were said to have been killed on the spot, their b…