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      The Best of Shane Smith’s Reddit AMA

      By Josh Schneider

      September 25, 2012

      Intrepid world news video journalist and VICE magazine co-founder Shane Smith took to Reddit today to answer questions in an Ask Me Anything-style gang interview. For those of you who aren’t versed in the grotesque world of r/spacedicks and r/mensrights, we've compiled the top 20 exchanges that took place today between our boss and the redditors of the web.

      Shane addressed inquiries about his most recent documentary, The Mexican Mormon War, which he shot in Juarez, Mexico, as well as his previous travels to North Korea, VICE’s plans for the future, and more. Upvote!

      Shane answered some questions about fear.

      And gave some good advice on combatting those nerves.

      He also had advice for aspiring documentarians and journalists.

      His boner came up a few times.

      As did Mexican pizza.

      Shane had some thoughts on the state of journalism.

      And was amped for VICE’s future plans.

      He mused on homely comforts and epic threats.

      But there were some questions he couldn’t answer.

      Above all, he handled the whole thing with his trademark swagger.

      For more Shane, check out The Mexican Mormon War:

      And The VICE Guide to North Korea:



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