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      Cat tattooing is big in Moscow

      By VICE Staff

      March 17, 2009


      Keen readers of Vice will remember our story last year on pig tattooing. The sight of everyone's favourite bacon-flavoured pink blobs being injected with ink made a lot of people angry. Well, angry internet people, how do you feel about the recent cat tattooing fad in Moscow?

      Some Russian kitty owners are choosing to customise hairless breeds like the Sphynx cat with gaudy tattoos. This Tutankhamun design took three hours. I think you'll agree that it was most definitely worth every second.


      At first we thought this was Lil Wayne's cat but then we realised the tattoos weren't terrible enough.

      If you think all of that is bad, check out what sick juveniles in Essex are doing to English bull terriers:



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