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      November 5, 2012
      From the column 'VICE 10'
      PlanetsAnjem Choudary Anjem Choudary A Masked Pakistani Assassin Art Hammer Art Hammer Art Hammer A Scouse Bodybuilder A Scouse Bodybuilder Fashionable Mexican Men Billie JD Porter Billie JD Porter General Butt Naked Andressa Soares Rioters Cute Animals A Raving Donk Fan Whose Heart Is About To Explode Chris Nieratko A Terrifying Cannibal Suroosh Alvi Spike Jonze Fat Bob Fat Bob Black Lips Charlet Duboc David Icke A Dude Screwing A Donkey John Cardiel Thomas Morton Richard Kern Some Dalston Superstars Gaahl Hamilton Morris Karley Sciortino Some Andean Guys In Crazy Hats Some Andean Guys In Crazy Hats Kim Jong il Some Armed Kurdish Women Snoop Dogg A Krokodil Addict Antwuan Dixon Some Scottish Football Fans Someone On Acid M.I.A. M.I.A. A Waria Vissarion Pissed Up Wrestlers From Scotland Jo Fuertes-Knight


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      We've been going for a decade in the UK now, so we're doing a ton of stuff to celebrate, like throwing the best party the world has ever seen and occasionally bragging to strangers that we made it ten years without collapsing in on ourselves. Another thing we've done is to get our friend, Johnny Ryan – the guy who draws all those comic strips full of dicks, vaginas, gore and faeces in the back of our magazine – to sketch out a bunch of VICE TV personalities having a vaguely dangerous looking party, complete with bestiality and cannibalism, and soundtracked by The Black Lips. We've also learned how to use the internet pretty well over the course of the last decade. So, utilising some of that knowledge, we've made it so that when you hover over each character, you can click and be instantly transported to whatever documentary, Shorties episode, feature film or news show they star in. Try it out now. They're all great. Viva us.


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