• Gardening, Bulgaria Style

    Zdravko Donev, a contractor from Bourgas, Bulgaria, woke up to discover seven pickaxes stuck in his Audi. The incident was the first recorded case of a trend now sweeping the nation: People puncturing cars with heavy-duty hardware.

  • Bob Odenkirk’s Page

    Digital Superstars Summer Fest 2012

    Tupac at Coachella was just the beginning! This summer, the greats of hip-hop and history come to liz-ife! Onstage, the OGs of all-time.

  • Bedu

    "Bedu" completes Jim Mangan's trilogy on the subject of rebirth, which includes "Winter's Children," used in the VICE June 2010 issue, and "Color'd," used as the cover and feature in the VICE 2011 Photo Issue.

  • Ghosts of the Jungle

    Burma's Karen National Liberation Army is the most effective guerrilla fighting force active today. They usually don’t take too kindly to outsiders, especially those with cameras, but somehow I—a curious Canadian photographer—managed to embed with the KNLA’s Special Forces divisi…

  • Art During Wartime

    Sculptor Ali al-Wakwak, a Benghazi native, creates rusty configurations, large enough to climb upon, resembling humans, animals, and insects. The sculptures are made from the leftover wreckage of Libya’s revolution.

  • Combover

    Jarble Jerble

    The ganef has the chutzpah to belt me in the face. He lays me back in my stunned state and tries to shove the pool net up my tukhus. I tighten my hole like it’s holding onto a hundred-dollar bill.

  • Dear Mexican Cartels: Don’t Fuck with the Angels

    Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, has become known as the “murder capital of the world” thanks to the seemingly endless string of drug-cartel-related killings, and the law-abiding portion of the population is ready to try almost anything to stop the violence.

  • Season Finale

    It took a while for the Canadian literary establishment to accept Lynn Coady—her unpleasant gritty realism and fucked-up sex scenes didn’t go down too easily with the silk-stocking crowd. We’re honored to feature her new short story “Season Finale” in this issue, and we’ve paired…

  • How to Punch Out a Paparazzo

    Socking a pap isn’t that hard. You too can be immortalized for punching some guy trying to take a photo of you, just like Sean Penn, Kanye West, Quentin Tarantino, and Chris Martin, by following these five easy steps.

  • Li'l Thinks

    Witness the Whiteness

    America isn’t so white. But because the collective consciousness moves as fast and elegantly as you do jogging in a hot tub following diazepam and margaritas, whiteness remains understood as this abstract, almost-imaginary but deeply embedded dominant paradigm.

  • The Will to Kill

    People speak about their discovery of 'Real Deal Magazine' in revelatory terms. This is mostly because it contains scenes of black characters perpetrating such extreme violence and political incorrectness that it is capable of searing a new wrinkle into your brain.

  • Tuck It All in There

    I wanted to get closer to latex’s special type of power, so I followed it to its source—Japaratinga, Brazil. There I met Willi Graber, a Swiss fetishist who established the communal kink-factory of his dreams in a beachside jungle, just an hour's drive from groves where rubber dr…

  • This Machine Makes Orgasms

    The Multistim looks complicated and vaguely threatening, but if you hook your vibrator up to it, it transforms into a super vibrator that has the potential to make women with anorgasmia quiver like Mexican jumping beans being held by an epileptic.

  • Skinema

    Panty Pops

    I don’t know a whole lot about religion—aside from the fact that Easter candy is delicious and I thank God for it every April—but I imagine that the feeling that watching Panty Pops gives you, where the subject is so heavy that you just need to take a nap afterward, is what peopl…

  • Little Kinjiro

    Growing up, the 18th century philosopher Ninomiya Kinjiro never had time to study because he was always working, so he would read while he worked. In his honor, bronze statues depicting him reading and carrying firewood were erected all over Japan, but today they are decreasing i…

  • The Baseball Slugger

    Hiro Kurata's obsession with baseball gave birth to a character he calls the “Baseball Slugger,” the hero of his surreal scenes. His paintings are chaotic, confusing, and twisted—an obvious reflection on the world’s condition.

  • Some Serious Thought Was Put Into This Retarded Doll

    In May, a very special doll began showing up in stores in Sweden. According to the package, it was supposed to have cerebral palsy. “The retard doll GIL. Treat her like a real retard!” the label read, while the Facebook page for the doll added, “She doesn’t swear, have sex, drink…

  • Who Needs FIFA?

    This summer most of the developed world watched Euro 2012 in the comfort of air conditioning, releasing beer farts into couchs. But in Darfur, Sri Lanka, Zanzibar, Western Sahara, and a handful of other places, all eyes were on Erbil, the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan, where the fif…

  • Nailed It

    Getting your nails done normally involves noxious chemicals and boring conversations. But the Nailympics is actually something we would pay to attend. It's a competition between Nailympians and the results are impractical, beautiful, and a little terrifying.

  • Scalps Ahoy

    Propeller-inflicted deaths and injuries have become such a serious public health issue in the poverty-stricken Brazilian Amazon. AMRVEA got together with the government and the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgeons to give 87 scalping victims free surgery. We went there to talk t…

  • Records

    As I was listening to this epic two-hour-long thing of dark, loud beauty, I watched a medium-size pill bug crawl from the floor to halfway up the wall and then pause dramatically before falling directly into my garbage can.

  • Combover's Dream

    In honor of the VICE 2012 Photo Issue, this month's edition of 'Combover' features photos of Brett doing some puzzling things like swallowing a black cock and donning some strange bird-type mask in the forest.

  • Comics

    Nasty Kidz

    Lookit that old fat bitch!

  • Comics

    Dog Circus

    Japan is home to the Super Wan Wan Dog Circus in Tsukuba City. For more than 50 years, owner Hiroaki Uchida has been rescuing abandoned dogs and training them to perform an assortment of tricks, including balancing on huge plastic balls and walking in a conga line with their fron…

  • My Life with Big Men

    In June 1993, CNN’s Africa correspondent Gary Striker wanted to interview Zaire’s ruler Mobutu Sese Seko about what amounted to a civil war in the southeastern part of the country while his army, unpaid for months, pillaged Kinshasa, its capital. I had a secret agenda. I wanted M…

  • Glitter Bombed

    Photos by Glynis Selina Arban, Styling by Annette Lamothe-Ramos

  • Dead Can Still Dance

    This month marks the release of "Anastasis," Dead Can Dance's eighth studio album, following a 16-year recording hiatus. I spoke with Brendan from the tiny fart of a booth while picturing him tiptoeing around a recording studio, worrying how he was going to mic all sorts of weird…

  • Bath Salts in the Wound

    Few places were as primed for the plague of bath salts as the Southeast neighborhood of Roanoke, Virginia. Before long, buyers swarmed the tobacco stores that carried it. Salt users would show up at a retailer five or six times a day. The lines were longer than a food bank or a W…