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      Band for Life

      By Anya Davidson

      February 21, 2014
      From the column 'Comics'

      Hello, internet,

      Have you heard the good news? VICE is increasing the amount of comics we run online! We've published great comics since 1994, when you were probably either a tiny baby or tying sweatshirts around your waist, but now we are ushering in what I hope will be a golden era for VICE as a stage for new work by the best comic talent within our price range.

      We have enlisted a few of our favorite cartoonists, comickers, and artists to create original series for us. We will run a new installment of each series once a week, eventually getting to the point where we have a new comic every day.

      I'd like you to imagine me christening this new VICE comics initiative by smashing a bottle of champagne across the bow of my MacBook Pro as I introduce you to Anya Davidson and her new series for us, Band for Life.

      Anya is an artist, musician, cartoonist, and luddite from Chicago. Most people learned about her just this year with the publication of her graphic novel School Spirits, still available from PictureBox. Her color work is what initially blew me away, and I'm really excited and proud that she's doing comics for us.

      I hope that you like the stuff I run on the site, but if you don't please keep it to yourself, because I'm running the work of almost universally lauded artists and you'll just look like a jerk.

      Comically yours,

      Nicholas Gazin

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