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      Brianna Capozzi Makes Beautiful People Interesting Too

      April 25, 2013

      It's fun to take pictures of pretty girls because, chances are, the images are going to look good even if you're a shitty photographer. But thanks to the world of fashion and the internet, everybody and their cool sister is overloaded with images of pretty skinny girls on the reg. So, like the disaster photos the news bombards us with, we have become desensitized to the majority of symetrical faces and boobs thrown at us on a daily basis.

      That's not the case with NYC-based photographer Brianna Capozzi's work. While her subject matter is almost exclusively aesthetically pleasing women, Brianna uses the female form to build engaging compositions and scenarios with an original and refreshing take on the recent contemporary return to the traditions of lo-fi.

      In a generation where boner-inducing women are plastered all over the internet, Brianna Capozzi is taking on the challenge of making photographs that transcend the trappings of Tumblr, creating images with more dimensions and idiosyncrasies than most you can find.

      Check out her website for more stunning compositions of ladies and the female form.

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