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      A Chinese New Year Boozefest in Brooklyn

      February 28, 2013
      From the column 'VICE Eats'



      You know when you're eating something that's not soup dumplings, and you think, Maaaan, I really wish this turkey sandwich from a bodega was actually soup dumplings? We do that all the time, just about every day at lunch. Soup dumplings are like a puppy or a weird girlfriend; you need to make time in your life for them to fully appreciate their beauty. We want all of our time to be soup dumpling time. Unfortunately, our petitions to move the VICE headquarters above the restaurant M Shanghai, which serves the best soup dumplings in North Brooklyn, have been roundly rejected by the guys who run things around here. For now, we'll just have to drool at this video we made of the M Shanghai staff enjoying a massive Chinese New Year's feast.

      This is the first installment in our new VICE Eats series, which will have food stuff: videos, articles, photo galleries, and other delicious internet shit.

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