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Cool Devices 04-05

By Nadia Strokov

TOPIC: The Darker Side of Anime Porn

Director: Kan Matsuda
Leed / Critical Mass

As a few friends and I sat watching an innocent-looking young girl being tied up, whipped and sodomized, we began debating the relationship between repressed, orderly societies and the ensuing pornography they produce. While some of us pointed out that extreme films get produced everywhere, others argued that it is only in Japan that such a dark, underground subgenre has attained widespread popularity. Rape and submissive posturing are standard features, with "loss of innocence" often the central theme. Bukakke videos, where dozens of men ejaculate all over a woman’s face, take this to the extreme, but it is hinted at in shows as innocuous as "Sailor Moon." Cool Devices 04 is the straight up story of a young girl’s kidnapping and subsequent misadventures at the hands of her male and female dominatrixes, who introduce the virgin (of course) to sex the quick and hardcore way. As the title implies, they use all kinds of over-the-top "devices" in their efforts, but I don’t know how "cool" I’d feel strapped into one. In the next episode, the tables are turned and the dominator becomes the dominated, except it is still a woman being humiliated in front of a bunch of men. Cool Devices provides an interesting look at the master/slave obsession, but unless your crush object likes seeing dogs rip young girls’ panties off, these are definitely not date movies.

Director: Kanenari Tokiwa
Pink Pineapple / Critical Mass

Another post-apocalypse type film involving the ubiquitous flying tentacle penis monster, Imma Youjo sparked a second discussion among my assembled porn critics. Specifically, where does the snake-like tentacle dick thing come from? The conclusion was that, like the whole post-nuclear war setting so often found in anime, the multiple schlong concept stems from a deeply rooted fear of nuclear fallout and subsequent mutation, which is not surprising given the fact that Japan is the only country that has ever had to endure the terror of an atomic attack. With excellent costume designs and a chill setting, Imma Youjo is a little easier to get through than Cool Devices’ S&M fest, especially since the plot is pretty well thought out.

Original story: Toshio Maeda
Anime 18 / Central Park Media

The ultimate and most infamous of the violent/erotic mangas, Birth of the Overfiend is the first in a series telling the story of the Overfiend, a formidable monster who rises from the demon realm every 3000 years to unite the demon and human worlds in a maelstrom of terror, death and destruction that leaves the earth ruined, laying waste upon the human race. He also has multiple cocks. If you’re into that, Overfiend is your best bet for cock in ass, cock in ass, cock in ass, cock in mouth, cock in pussy, cock in pussy action. Who is into that?

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