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      Delicious with Mish Episode Six: Featuring Nathan of Heroin Diet

      October 18, 2012

      I just got home from touring in Europe/UK for three weeks. You know what happened when I was over there? I had an epiphany about this podcast. Originally I wanted this to be about sex and music, but you know what? That’s boring and I’m better at doing sex than talking about it. Plus, we already have Dan Savage and Ask Jean. There is no room for anyone else.

      But, you know what I’m good at? Discovering new bands. So, that is what this podcast is now fully focused on. Delicious with Mish is dedicated to bringing you new, exciting bands from the shittiest clubs all over the world because there are so many untapped bands out there that you all need to get hip to.

      This week, I bring you songs from Sweden’s Nitad, Germany’s Hysterese as well as demos and an interview (live from Notthingham, England) with Manchester’s Heroin Diet. I caught up with their front man Nathan in an alley behind the club after our bands played together. We talked about the band’s G.G. Allin roots, their Manchester home, the Gallagher brothers and why being a front person is all about good looks. Nathan is from a “horrible Northern town," so he has the sexiest drool-worthy accent. In the words of Rachel Zoe: “I die." Enjoy.

      Track Listing:

      “Lurat Alla” – Nitad

      “Three Wise Monkeys” – Hysterese

      “The Japanese Solution” – Heroin Diet

      “Gulag” – Heroin Diet

      “Shakemaker” – Oasis

      “Murder Contest” – Heroin Diet

      Thanks to Nathan for being on the show!


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