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      Emo Music Sucks Now, but You Blew It! Remembers the Good Days

      January 12, 2015
      From the column 'VICE Premiere'

      A lot of people have gotten tired of music that sounds like it was made by an army of tearful clones designed and dispatched by the Kinsella brothers, but I still have a soft spot for 2015 bands that confidently crib from American Football. You Blew It! has been on the short list of bands mentioned in every "emo revival" article for the past year, and they deserve all the press they're getting, as stupid as that phrase may be.

      This song, "Bedside Manor," harkens back to a time when emo was less about eyeliner and more about large-hearted Midwestern boys wearing plaid and carrying their keys on carabiners. You should be listening to it already.

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