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      Mennonites Are Like Fun Amish People

      February 28, 2012

      Some time ago, while on the road to Chihuahua, photographer Eunice Adorno came across a group of five young Mennonite women. Their clothes and appearance (they are mostly blond, and Mexican people tend to be a little on the olive side of things) made such an impression on her that she decided to visit Nuevo Ideal—one of the Mennonite communities in Durango—and spend some time documenting their daily rituals, their flowery dresses, and their weird, Medieval hair.

      FYI, the Mennonites are a religious group who have been chased around the Earth by unfriendly people and at this point have mostly cut themselves off from the outside world. They're sort of like the Amish, but they don't think that cars, trampolines, and ice cream cones are instruments of the devil.