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      'Escape from Tomorrow' - Behind the Scenes

      October 9, 2013



      Escape from Tomorrow is the amalgamation of every nightmare you could ever have about Disney. A dark fantasy shot in secret at Disneyworld and Disneyland, the film explores the corporatization of domestic bliss as one man's family vacation to Disneyworld goes... well, "awry" would be an understatement. Since it premiered at Sundance in January 2013, the film has polarized viewers and incited controversy over not only intellectual-property issues but also the subversion and reappropriation of one of the most ubiquitous cultural staples in the US.

      Wanting to know more about the making of Escape from Tomorrow, VICE sat down with the filmmaker, Randy Moore, the star of the film, Roy Abramsohn, and a few of the sharpest artists and critics we know.


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