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      Give Us Webbys or Give Us Death

      By VICE Staff

      April 10, 2013

      Every year round about now, websites in all corners of the internet straighten their ties, stick their chests out, and start campaigning for one of those coveted metal springs known as a Webby. While you might think that we here at VICE are above the self-congratulatory culture of award ceremonies, you would be dead wrong. In fact, we throw our hat into the Webby ring every year, and this one is no exception. When you've spent the past 12 months hanging out in war zones, tripping balls in various locales, hunting space bears in Virginia, and meeting guys who mainline snake venom, a little pat on the back is nice.

      This time around we are up for Webbys in three categories: Eddie Huang for Best Web Personality as host of his show; VICE News for Best News and Politics Series; and "The Mexican Mormon War" for Best Individual Episode in the News and Politics category.

      As you might remember from years past, casting your vote on the Webby site is about as easy as breaking in the Pentagon with a toothbrush. But because we love you, we’ve outlined all the steps below. Just follow the instructions and those springs will be ours. We’ll let you come over and look at them sometime, if you ask real nice.

      1. Go here.

      2. Register to vote with your email address.

      3. Click on each of the links below to jump directly to VICE categories:

      - Online Film & Video: Best Web Personality/Host: Eddie Huang

      - Online Film & Video: News & Politics: Series: VICE News

      - Online Film & Video: News & Politics: Individual Episode: "The Mexican Mormon War"

      4. To vote, click your choice and then click again to confirm. If you see a voting tally with percentages, you have voted successfully. Good for you. And us.

      Also! Our colleagues/friends/lovers at The Creators Project are up for Webbys in four categories. You should vote for them too:

      - Online Film & Video: Entertainment: The Creators Project

      - Websites: Art: The Creators Project

      - Interactive Media and Advertising: Branded Content: The Creators Project

      - Online Film & Video: Experimental & Weird: The Carp and the Seagull

      UPDATE: A message from VICE's Thomas Morton, who has been kidnapped:

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