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      Want to Help Hurricane Sandy Victims? Buy This Mishka T-Shirt

      November 14, 2012

      Mishka is doing their part to help with the recovery from Hurricane Sandy's devastation by doing what they do best: making expensive T-shirts. Mishka has produced 65 special shirts with their familiar Keep Watch logo and the words "Relieve, Support, Rebuild" on the back. All of the proceeds are being given to the Mayor's Fund. The shirts are $40 each, which isn't all that much more than a normal Mishka shirt costs. If you're a Mishka fan, then spend slightly more money and get this shirt. You can feel real nice about yourself for helping out people, many of whom have lost their possessions, their homes, and their loved ones. I asked Greg Rivera, who runs Mishka and is one of my favorite people, to tell me about the new shirt.

      VICE: Tell me about the Mayor's Fund.
      Greg Rivera: The Mayor's Fund to Advance New York City is a not-for-profit that basically helps the NYC boroughs with the environment, youth development, health, volunteerism, etc.

      After Sandy they began to accept donations that would directly help the people in need. The good thing about the Mayor's Fund is that 100 percent of the money you donate will go to Sandy relief efforts, unlike the Red Cross which displaces funds. Nothing against the Red Cross, we just wanted to make sure that the money was going directly to Sandy victims. After doing a little research, we found that the Mayor's Fund was a good one.

      You made 65 shirts. Are any left? Why 65?
      We wanted to get this done fast and generally we need to order shirts from our vendors and they take a couple days to get here. We happened to have 65 shirts left over from another job. To be honest, I am not sure why they mentioned it on the blog. Maybe so that people will act fast? But if people keep buying them, we are going to keep making 'em!

      What should I know about this shirt that I haven't asked about?
      It's actually the first time that we made a T-shirt with a monochrome version of the Keep Watch Eyeball. So if you are into that stuff, its sort of a nifty collectible/first in the realm of Mishkania.

      How are you Greg?
      Im doing OK. I got a lot of rest this weekend, which I sorely needed.

      Buy the shirt here if you like rare Mishka shirts or want to contribute to relieving other people's suffering.

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