Animals Keep Photobombing Henry Gorse

By Elektra Kotsoni

Henry Gorse is a young photographer whose photos very often feature animals. I always attributed that to his spending most of his teenage summers on a farm in Cheshire, but then I asked him about it and it turns out it's either A) just sheer coincidence, or B) animals are actively photobombing his pictures.

Here's how Henry explained his animal fixation:

"I've noticed there are loads of animals in my pictures, but I never really understood it. I never set out to photograph them, it just happens. I sort of see past them being animals; they are metaphors, which I like to use to play on the fact that people are almost always much more empathetic towards animals than themselves. 

"Or, I guess, in my world, it's the closest I will ever get to being a Pokemon trainer."

See more of Henry's work here.

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