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      Here Is Team Spirit's New Video

      By Noisey Staff

      February 22, 2012

      Team Spirit is the latest project from Ayad Al-Adhamy, the synth and samples guy from Passion Pit. Their new single, "Fuck The Beach," is a crunchy, power-pop ball kicker. The animated video, directed by Johannes Helgelin and Hannes Elltorp, finds the band trudging through a beachside psychedelic hellscape, complete with cartoon breasts, psychotropic ice cream, and a gigantic vagina-tunnel attached to a laser-shooting triclops.

      If you’re in New York, Team Spirit is playing its first show ever at Santos Party House on February 28. The geniuses behind the two most entertaining comments left here will each be given a pair of tickets. We’ll let you know who won on Friday at 5 PM.

      (via Noisey)

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