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      The 2013 Photo Issue Is Here!

      By VICE Staff

      July 9, 2013

      Cover by Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari

      The annual VICE Photo Issue is a cultural barometer that has been used by historians since the age of Talbot to determine which artists are on the front lines of photography in any given year. For our 2013 issue, in the interest of fucking with the heads of future photography students, we decided to have our favorite photographers collaborate with an artist or creative person(s) of their choosing to make a brand new body of work. They came back with the type of imagery that you usually only see in dreams, nightmares, hallucinations, voodoo ceremonies, and via other mystical occurrences.

      Inside the issue you'll find new work from tag-teams like Barry McGee and Jim Goldberg; Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari; Peter Sutherland and Ben Pier; Alec Soth and Brad Zellar; Sandy Kim and Maggie Lee; Richard Kern and Kim Gordon; Jim Mangan and Tadayoshi Honda; Ben Pier and Peter Sutherland; Martin Parr and Kate Fox; Lele Saveri and Francesco Deiana; Henry Hargreaves and Amirah Kassem; Petra Collins and Arvida Byström; Tim Freccia and Gerald Slota; Asger Carlsen and Roger Ballen; Jaimie Warren and her mom; and even a massive piece by the dream team of Ryan McGinley, Collier Schorr, Marilyn Minter, and Roe Etheridge. We will be rolling out pieces online all through the month of July, but if you want an IRL copy of this large-format beauty to hold and snuggle with we'd suggest heading to one of these fine locations pronto.

      For those in New York City, we will be blowing these images up, sticking them in fancy frames, and hanging them on the walls of a gallery for you to gawk at while you get drunk off our free booze in the near future. More info on that to come.

      Happy summer and happy Photo Issue, everyone!

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