Lele Saveri Saw Some Weird Stuff Last Week at NYFW

By Christian Storm

Last week, we attempted to show you all the madness, weirdness, and ridiculousness that was New York Fashion Week by way of our constantly updated NYFW photo blog. Silly us, we should have known bettter. Clearly, the best way to see just how insane every person at Fashion Week is was to witness it in video, wherein you can see the freaks, geeks, weirdos, nobodys, and moguls, moving and talking just like they do in real life. Thank goodness for our old pal, Lele Saveri, who just sent us his new film "NY Deja Vu," made in association with ALLDAYEVERYDAY, which documents the best and the worst of the week. The video features the likes of Bono, A$AP Rocky, Lindsey Wixson, Anna Wintour, Nicola Formichetti, the ATL Twins, Chloë Sevigny, and Terry Richardson, as well as the people on the street and one wayyyy swagged-out Asian toddler. Do your thing, my man. Check it out below, and let's hope things get even weirder next year.