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      Raw McNugget Raw McNugget

      Raw McNugget

      By VICE Staff

      September 27, 2011

      With an entire cottage film industry dedicated to making documentaries about the evils of fast-food, corporatization, and factory farming sometimes eating at McDonalds feels like the laziest, stupidest thing a person can do. Still, most of us will pass beneath the golden arches for a snack at some point this year. No judgment, brother! Sometimes — in a rundown, South American airport perhaps — the familiarity of McD’s trumps a healthier, foreign option. We’re not saying it’s the right thing to do. In fact, based on the picture above, it’s probably the most wrong thing to do.

      That silly putty looking goop is mechanically separated chicken, the raw material for all fast-food and microwave-dinner chicken. Every time you eat a patties or nuggets from a drive thru or the frozen food section of your supermarket, you’re stuffing this putrid lard down your neck hole. It’s made by pulverizing and then cramming entire chickens — bones, feet, brains, intestines, eyes, etc — though a sieve. Since these birds are invariably kept in squalid conditions, their meat comes out riddled with bacteria. Don’t worry though: this shit’s soaked in ammonia and artificially “reflavored” before it hits your discriminating palette.


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