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      Scout Niblett Spreads Love and a New Album

      By Kelly McClure


      February 14, 2013

      It's Valentine's Day, and while that may not mean anything to you, it does mark a perfectly good occasion to announce Scout Niblett's new album, which comes out on Drag City. The new record is called It's Up to Emma, and it hits stores on May 21st.

      Scout was described to me by my girlfriend as being her favorite living musical artist, which caused me to become overhwelmed with ovary dust and email Scout's publicist to ask if she'd be so kind as to take a picture of herself holding up a greeting to my GF as a VD present, which she ACTUALLY DID! It's always nice when your favorite artists end up being not only amazingly talented, but amazingly nice as well. There's hope for the world yet. 

      Check Scout's take on Janet Jackson's "Nasty":


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