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      Hog-O-Ween Recap

      November 6, 2008
      From the column 'Skinema'

      Chris Nieratko's uncle-in-law Lonnie may be the hardest HOG*-afflicted partier we know. At this year's Halloween party at the local Elks Lodge he was both the bestly-costumed participant in the parade and the last man standing on the dancefloor. Chris shot the whole night and posted the highlights over at his chrisnieratko.com, representing the first update to that cobwebbed-shut vagina of a website in possibly a million years. If you're into things like "context" and "reading," go here for his summary (and the long-forgotten Lonnie Christmas tape). Otherwise the video's below the fold. (You like that? We can't fucking stand that term "after the jump," but there are certain situations where it's really useful. Anyways, this means basically the same thing but we think it's got a certain old-world sophistication over "the jump"'s neon-colored, custom-Dunk-collecting year-agoness. Let us know what you think.)



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