Hadoken-ing: Real-Life Street Fighters

By Daniel Muhindi

What's Hadoken-ing? It is a trend from Japan where kids photograph each other reenacting scenes from Street Fighter.* Since it has pretty much blown up the internet today, we wanted to feature a fashion shoot we did a while back that takes that idea to the next level, putting real-life street fighters in pixelated 3D realms. 

UPDATE: Apparently these kids are actually recreating scenes from Dragon Ball Z, not Street Fighter. The word hadoken, however, has its origins in Street Fighter, right? So why do they call this thing "Hadoken-ing" if they are recreating Dragon Ball Z? Step up, nerds. Explain this madness.

Photos: Daniel Muhindi
Styling: Sam Voulters
Hair: Michael Jones
Make-Up: Xabier Celaya using Illamasqua
Stylist's Assistants: Reba Maybury, O Thongthai, Karolina Alas
Make-Up Assistant: Gemma Verdemato
Models: Claudiu, Adrian, Bibo, Rose, Rie, Dan Dewhirst, Ramon, Zola