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      TD Cruze Made a Hip-Hop Album With Just Animal Noises

      By Kelly McClure


      December 5, 2012

      Do you ever wake up in the morning and just firmly believe that life is a precious gift from a beautiful team of unseen spirit guides that love you, and want you to do well? Well I do. 

      This morning I spent some time with TD Cruze's album, The Savage Beast. This, as I'm told by the source, is the world's first ever animal noise only hip-hop album. Well isn't that fresh and new? Naturally, I started listening to it, barely containing my excitement for eventually opening my bowels upon what I was about to hear, but then, as is sometimes the case with things, I was surprised. This album is pleasurable to me. Perhaps it will also be to you. Let's have a listen:

      Did you enjoy that? My favorite is the possessed cat song. Notable mention also needs to be given to any song that lists an elephant stomp as percussion. 

      What this album confirms is that the world just barely needs people. Animals, man. It's all about animals. Namaste, pricks. 



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