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      March 14, 2016

      Donald Trump. Photo via Flick user Gage Skidmore.

      US News

      Trump Blames Sanders for Rally Violence
      Donald Trump has blamed the recent violence against his supporters on Bernie Sanders, accusing the Democratic candidate of "lying" by denying his campaign was behind the anti-Trump protests. Trump also threatened to send supporters to disrupt Sanders events. "Be careful Bernie, or my supporters will go to yours." —The Washington Post

      Over 100 Cars Involved in North Carolina Interstate Wreck
      More than 100 cars were caught up in a series of crashes that injured 20 people and shut down part of Interstate 40 in North Carolina. There were no casualties. The highway patrol said it was not yet clear what caused the pileup, but wet roads may have been a factor.—ABC News

      Officer Dead After Man Opens Fire on Police Station
      A gunman opened fire on a police station in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, DC, killing officer Jacai Colson, 28, in an unprovoked attack. The accused gunman was then wounded in a shootout with several officers. He is expected to survive and is in police custody.—The New York Times

      Amtrak Train Derails in Kansas
      At least five cars of an Amtrak train carrying 142 passengers have derailed in western Kansas. There were no initial reports of life-threatening injuries from local emergency responders on the scene.—NBC News

      International News

      Turkish President Vows to 'Bring Terrorism to Its Knees'
      Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has vowed to bring "terrorism to its knees" after an attack in Ankara that killed at least 37 people. The suicide car bomb also injured more than 100, and the two suspected bombers died. The Turkish authorities believe it was the work of Kurdish militants.—AP

      Merkel Suffers Big Election Defeats
      Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Democratic Party has suffered defeats in two of three German states holding regional elections, exit polls suggest. The anti-refugee party Alternative for Germany achieved big gains in all three states off the back of anger with Merkel's asylum policy.—The Guardian

      Terrorists Kill 16 at Ivory Coast Resort
      Gunmen from al Qaeda's North African branch have killed 16 people, including four Europeans, at an Ivory Coast beach resort. Six shooters targeted beach hotels at the Grand Bassam retreat on Sunday before being killed in clashes with Ivorian security forces.—Reuters

      Egyptian Minister Sacked for Prophet Remark
      Justice Minister Ahmed al-Zend has been "relieved of his position" after controversial remarks he made about imprisoning the prophet went viral. When a TV interviewer asked al-Zend whether he would imprison journalists, he said, "Even if it's the prophet."—Al Jazeera

      A still from 'Minecraft,' which will soon allow players to use AI to choose characters. Photo via Pixabay.

      Everything Else

      Star Trek Fan Film Sued for Using Klingon
      Paramount Pictures and CBS have launched an amended lawsuit over the use of the Klingon language in Axanar, a fan-funded Star Trek film. The studio says the language of Qo'noS is copyrighted.—The Hollywood Reporter

      Games of Thrones Cast Make Refugee Appeal
      HBO and Game of Thrones have partnered with the International Rescue Committee (IRC) to raise money for refugees. It's been dubbed with the hashtag #RealmtotheRescue, and a video features cast members talking about the IRC's work.—CNN

      Minecraft Invites AI to Play
      Minecraft will soon become a playground for Artificial Intelligence. Computer scientists and amateurs will be able to install software that allows AI to control characters that learn to interact with human players.—BBC News

      Drug Cartel Recruited via Leaflet
      A Mexican drug cartel in the western state of Jalisco created a fake security company to find foot soldiers. Distributing fliers seeking recruits with "a desire to better themselves," they were then put to work selling drugs.—VICE News

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