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      Transform Your Facebook Profile into a 3D Printed Sculpture

      By Julia Kaganskiy

      January 17, 2013


      In the age of “Big Data,” data visualizations are all over the place, giving insight into the election, the economy, pop culture, and even who we are as people. The Creators Project, however, wanted to use data in a different, more creative, and slightly more playful way. They asked three artists to re-imagine Facebook profiles as a unique artistic experience and partnered with 3D printing service Shapeways to bring these works of art to life as 3D printed sculptures.

      [Try all three experiences for yourself here: create.thecreatorsproject.com]

      The artists they chose—art and technology studio Sosolimited, design and animation studio Sticky Monster Lab, and architecture and design studio SOFTlab—all come from different parts of the world and different creative disciplines, which resulted in three wildly different interpretations of online identities. Each experience yields a 3D printable sculpture that users can bring to life with some 3D printing magic from Shapeways.

      To learn more about this unique experience, check out TheCreatorsProject.com.


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