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      Vito Fun Finally Got Around to Sending Us His SXSW Photos

      March 21, 2013

      The VICE team just came back from a hellish two weeks at SXSW, which is basically where New Yorkers go to pretend they are more successful than they actually are and network with other New Yorkers while draining their bank accounts and sleeping on couches. Austin's warm weather and lax attitude toward public drinking helps, though. People from out of town get rachet in the sun, and people from Austin watch in horror, waiting for us to leave. When I was there, I took some pictures because that's what I do. Do you want to see them? If you said yes, then check out the gallery above. If you said no, then I wish you an infinitly long SXSW, with only industrial noise bands playing at 7 AM in your adjoining motel room. Cheers!

      All photos by Vito Fun.

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