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      What Did You Eat During the Super Bowl?

      By VICE Staff

      February 4, 2013
      From the column 'Question of the Day'

      The Super Bowl. For the coaches and the players on the field, it is the pinnacle of their careers. For big food companies, it's the best night to peddle edibles that no one should be allowed to eat. There is an irony to watching the world's best athletes kill each other in mortal combat, while gorging on "snacks" and other things that probably shouldn't pass as food. Brooklyn, what gross shit did you eat during the Super Bowl?

      Nia, student: Pizza.

      How much?
      Like two slices.

      That’s it? That’s not so bad.
      It is for me. I try to lay off the carbs, and I don’t really eat pizza. But it was Super Bowl Sunday, so whatever.

      Did it make you feel gross when you woke up today?
      Sort of. Right after eating it, I was like, “Ughh!” I was so full.

      What kind of pizza did you get?
      Sausage. That’s why I felt so gross [laughs]. But it was very tasty.

      What do you think of the tradition to eat a ton of unhealthy food while watching the Super Bowl?
      It’s funny. The athletes on TV are working out all the time and we are sitting there behind the screen just eating and eating.

      Daniel, intern: I had chicken wings, a lot of chips, a lot of cookies, brownies…

      So you went all out?

      Did you feel gross today?
      I woke up feeling really gross.

      Too many carbs?
      Yeah, and I had to go to the bathroom.


      Esther, advertising (right): I was actually working during the Super Bowl.

      Alissa, freelance photographer: I didn’t watch the Super Bowl, but I had a chicken sandwich.

      Well a chicken sandwich isn’t really that gross?
      It was a buffalo chicken sandwich and it was delicious.

      You didn’t watch the Super Bowl?
      I ate it in honor of the Super Bowl, so I didn’t have to watch it.

      Esther: Last year, we made bacon-wrapped hot dogs stuffed with cheese, which was really gross.

      What do you guys think of the tradition of pigging out during the Super Bowl?
      Esther: It’s the perfect embodiment of commercialism and consumerism. We all stuff our faces with food while we watch advertising. It's perfect.

      Christopher, student (left): I didn’t watch the Super Bowl.

      Did you eat gross food anyway?
      Nope, just the usual.

      What’s the usual?
      Caribbean food?

      Did you watch the Super Bowl?
      Christian, student: Yeah, I did.

      What'd you eat?
      I had five slices of pizza.

      Did you wake up feelings gross this morning?
      Yes, very much so.

      What do you think of our tradition of overeating during the Super Bowl?
      I think it’s pretty funny.

      What about you?
      Christopher: Same as him. You can eat what you want so long as you are aware of the consequences. 

      Kaitlin, designer: The grossest thing I ate last night was skinny lasagna. And off-brand cheese puffs.

      What is skinny lasagna?
      You take out all of the stuff that is tasty, so all you have left that is good is the fat-free cheese.

      That sounds awful. What do you think about the tradition of eating during the Super Bowl?
      I think the whole thing is gross. But the entire culture of violent sports is gross in general. Granted, I am a girl...

      A lot of girls love football. Don't be such a wuss.

      Avery, restaurant manager: I ate some chili that my friends made. That's not too gross. I also had some Doritos. Those are gross, but pretty good. 

      Did you wake up feeling icky?
      No, not at all.

      What do you think about our tradition of eating unhealthy food while watching the Super Bowl?
      I guess it’s silly. But if you are just gorging one day a year, then it really shouldn’t be a big deal. 

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