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      XXYYXX Says He's the Head of the Illuminati

      By Aleks Eror

      September 25, 2012

      XXYYXX is not only a 16-year-old producer with an annoying name, he's also a musical prodigy. While a lot of kids his age are skipping school to huff glue (that's what I did), he devotes himself to making ghostly, Weeknd-esque slow-jams, like a web 2.0 Barry White.
      But while he might get to rub shoulders with Yeezy and A$AP Mob in clubs that won’t even serve him, being an online child star ain’t easy. For every brown-nosed fanboy looking to kiss ass, there’s always someone who’s convinced that you’re in league with the illuminati. Don’t worry, bro, we get that all the time.
      Noisey: So, you're still 16?
      XXYYXX: Yeah, I turn 17 in October.
      When I was your age, all I ever thought about was wondering who the next finger-bang would be
      I know. Could you give me a quick breakdown of your musical history?
      I was in a few bands when I was 13, but I grew out of that and started making electronic music when I was 15.
      So you’ve only been making this sort of music for…
      For, like, two years.
      That’s pretty amazing.
      I’m trying to learn and get better, so it’s really annoying when I make a song someone doesn't like and they go, “Oh, it’s definitely a miss on his part." It’s like, fuck you, I didn’t make this song for you. I made it ‘cos I want to make music. I’m still just learning, y’know?

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