Odessa Is a Paradise

By Tchane Okuyan

Odessa is a Ukrainian city that used to be the Soviet Union's most important trade port and naval base. I actually learned that in school. Sadly, I've only recently been exposed to photographer Tchane Okuyan's intepretation of the city:

"Odessa resembles a huge beach party, or a big orgy," he says. "The nightclubs are near the sea, the alcohol is very cheap, the girls are beautiful, and they'll fuck you for a few glasses of champagne. Fashion is non-existent in Odessa, as it's mostly run by naked people. Everybody says it's a dangerous city—and it is, especially because the cops are assholes—but we love it anyway."

See more of Tchane's work here.

Does your town or city qualify for paradise status? Feel free to send us your pitches. We won't bite.

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