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Vice Fashion - Boys From Brazil

Photos by Derrick Santini
Κείμενο Derrick Santini

The backstreets of Lapa and Gloria in RIO, Brazil, are filled with some of the most self-obsessed young men in the world. In the alleyways, hotel rooms and doorways of the grubby red light district work some of the world's most ambitious teenage transexual male prostitutes.

All day and night, you'll find them out touting for business so they can make enough money to keep themselves in nip and tuck operations, botox, sillicon and collagen injections. Most of the boys here are under the age of 20 and make anything up to $1,000 a day from TS-obsessed sex tourists.


Our man in Rio told us: "They don't care what others think about them but consider themselves the cream of ‘gay beauty'. The dream and envy of both men and women."


Derrick Santini


Olie Arnold

Photography Assistant:

Ali Mobasser


Roberto Rowntree Redler

Above: Patricia (18). Top by Criminal, jewellery model's own

Carla (19). Bikini top by Miss Sixty, denim hotpants by Levi's, shoes by French Connection

Larissa (18). Bikini top by Pringle, hotpants by Miss Sixty

Michelle (18). Watch by G Shock, Skirt model's own

Patricia (18). Khaki boiler shorts by Evisu Donna, Denim Bikini by Juicy, Bracelets by Angie Gooderham