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The Hugs & Kisses Issue


New game alert! The funnest new game in town is called "sending a disposable camera to someone you know or kind of love and having them mail it back to you."
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New game alert! The funnest new game in town is called "sending a disposable camera to someone you know or kind of love and having them mail it back to you." If you don't get it back, the person you sent it to is lame and you were stupid for liking them. If you get it back and the pictures are OK, then the person is OK. If you get it back and there's tons of variety (some from a party at the wax museum, some from a road trip, a grandpa sleeping, the person's desk) then you were right to be madly in love.
Special note: Make sure you glue a piece of white paper to the camera that has your address on it. BURTON AMP PACK
The only problem with this is you can't see your screen because it's tucked away in a super protective shell that goes right behind your back. That means it's not great for walking around the city unless you know exactly what you want to hear and are not much of a skipper-arounder. However, this is perfect for snowboarding or fist-fighting or falling off of things, because no matter how seriously you get battered, the iPod remains intact.
Imagine how lucky you would be if you had really tiny feet, your nickname was Lucy and you found some really cute shoes that fit you perfectly and said "Lucy" in them. All right, now, what if, inside the shoe it also said "I pulled a boner" and "You handle every thing so well." Well, fuckface, you can stop imagining now, because this shit just happened to our friend Lucy! SOLID STEEL STICK (WITH SHEATH)
One time Mr. Show wanted to do a joke-infomercial about the most redundant product they could possibly think of. It was called a BagBox—a box for holding bags. Unfortunately, they found out that they were not, in fact, exaggerating and such a thing already existed. It even had its own infomercial. That is because people have invented everything. Even steel sticks. THE SURPRISE PACK
Ecko and alife got together to make this thing that is a thing on a thing that people who collect toys and sculptures and weird Ecko/alife type of stuff will like, especially if they're Japanese, but we can't tell you anything else because it's a surprise pack. BUSH TOILET PAPER
Everyone from Patrick Buchanan to Susan Sontag finally agrees: George Bush is the worst president America has ever had. He killed all the jobs, destroyed the economy, and polarized the entire world. Downtown for Democracy is a New York-based organization determined to get young people (assumed to be Bush haters) to the polls. Of course, they realize New York state is going to vote Democratic no matter what they do, so after raising money here, they are going to focus on the more important swing states like Ohio and Missouri. If you live in a swing state, especially in the South, and you want Bush out, please go vote. If you support Bush, we need you to buy this toilet paper and read quotes like "We need an energy bill that encourages consumption" every time you take a shit. Bush supporters go to for more info. Non-Bush voters (Republican or Democrat) go to CANON POWER SHOT SD10
OK, $320 (US) is a bit of a blow if you're not a rich person, but holy shit, is this camera ever worth it. It's 4 megapixels, takes the best pictures we've ever seen, is about half the size of a pack of cards, and if you get one of the 64MB chips (which are about another 40 or 50 bucks), you can record movies up to ten minutes long—with audio!

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