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Nothing says, "Let's get this fucking party started" quite like pouring a full beer all over yourself.
Κείμενο Blinding Light

Photo by Dennis Kleiman

Nothing says, "Let's get this fucking party started" quite like pouring a full beer all over yourself. Australians know this better than anyone. We drink so much beer it's not even funny. (Granted, we have nothing on the Czechs, but then, we have hot girls and sunshine to distract us occasionally.) Ultimate party band !!! (pronounce it "Chik Chik Chik") are kin to us, as they find that their shows often evolve into full blown beer slinging fests. During one recent gig, a girl in the front row was compelled to grab a beer from the stage and pour it down her pants. !!! thought that was great. Having a reputation as a "for real" party band, they demand a lot from their audience because they themselves give so much. Like the time guitar player Mario rocked so hard trying to get the hipsters dancing at the All Tomorrows Parties fest, he lacerated his knee and had to be treated backstage mid show. See? !!! are serious about having a good time, all the time. VICE: Do you find it difficult keeping the seven members of your band in line while you're touring? I would imagine that at least one of you would get too drunk and forget to turn up to at least every show.
Mario: Not really. We stick together on tour. We tend to outlast everyone anyway—we always find ourselves hanging together at the end of the night. The after party is the best part of touring and with the seven of us we have a ready-made soiree. What are your five essential party items?
I think it's probably a universal recipe: 1. A great system—you've got to have the sub woofer, 2. Records, 3. Ladies, 4. Drugs, 5. Alcohol What is the most amazing party you have ever been to?
It would have to be a party we went to on the roof of a building in Brooklyn last summer. Everyone was there. No one in the band really likes hippies, but there were hippies and punks and fashion kids and everyone was throwing things off the side so the cops showed up. That was insane. Would !!! consider starring in a "Can't Stop The Music" style disco movie about a bunch of guys who throw block parties and evade the law in order to save the local community dance school?
No. !!!'s new album, Louden Up Now, is out through Touch and Go/Inertia