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The Turning Gay Issue


What’s better than going over to someone’s house and looking at their stuff? Nothing. People’s stuff rules. And stuff that people put up on their bulletin boards, or “inspiration areas” if you will, super-extra-rules. We picked four of our favorite...
Κείμενο Mark Gonzales

What’s better than going over to someone’s house and looking at their stuff? Nothing. People’s stuff rules. And stuff that people put up on their bulletin boards, or “inspiration areas” if you will, super-extra-rules. We picked four of our favorite artist types and stared at their bulletin boards going, “What’s that? What’s that? What’s that?” until they got totally annoyed.

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Prince is one of my favorite musicians. His full name is Prince Rogers Nelson. I also got ODB on here and Morrissey.

This is from somebody who lives and works for Adidas. It’s quite cool. It’s like a jackal. It’s an embryo of a jackal.

Ryan McGinley gave me a series of signed postcards and I mailed them out to family members. This is just the box cover it came in. It was Olympic swimmers that he took photographs of and, you know, me being an athlete… Street fighting is not considered athleticism, is it? I’m a street fighter. That’s my sport. I like fighting and the best way to train for physical combat is in the water. Swimming. That’s why I really love the muscle structure of a swimmer. If you ask me which type of person I would like to fight, I’m always gonna say a swimmer. Of course I would lose, because their muscles are perfect.

This isn’t a bulletin board. A bulletin board is what police officers use. They have a crime blotter of who they’re looking for. You know Michael Jackson? He had a video called “Bad” and Martin Scorsese is the director of the video. Now, in the video there’s a picture of Scorsese posted on the wall and he’s wanted by the police department. It says, “For police circulation only.” So that would mean that the underground is a police headquarters. And it’s pinned up on the walls of the subway so that the subway walls are, in fact, a bulletin board. And so graffiti is a bulletin board for the streets.

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The shirt is from Japan. It has the Eddie character from Iron Maiden coming out of the shirt, like a plastic doll.


Nightmare on Elm Street


collage is just my obsession with Freddy Krueger and his view on life and death. I had this frame and all these magazine clippings so I just put a collage together real quick.

I’m gonna get this Freddy belt buckle cast in gold and made into a medallion.

This is a little Freddy ring I got in Italy. I stole the skull below it from a gas station in Italy too.

For my birthday, my girl put a bunch of random shit from her room into a bag and gave it to me. This dude was in there. I don’t know who it is but it might be the Dalai Lama.

She also got me this skeleton dude skateboarding. I mushed him up in my pocket and his head fell off, so I glued it to his hand so he’s skateboarding and holding his own head in his hand. It’s way better now.

The skeleton with the blond hair is supposed to be my girl. She had an umbrella and my girl hates umbrellas so she made me cut the umbrella off it. I swear to God.

Cannibal Corpse. I just love that image. I’ve been trying to re-create that style but it’s so hard.

My older brother got this King Diamond patch at a flea market and I think it’s kind of bootleg because King Diamond doesn’t have blond hair.

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These are not Nazi swastikas. They’re from a Kali temple in Singapore. You know Kali the destroyer goddess? She wears chains with severed heads on them, spit-roasts little babies, things like that. It’s pretty cool.

“Fake Cop Kills Banker”: This is a silkscreen I made a while ago. It’s a headline from the

New York Post


. This guy dressed up as a cop and would pull people over on the highway and kill them.

I found an old book about prisons in India and this is an execution where they use an elephant to stomp someone’s head off. It was a real form of execution!

I use a lot of found images in my art. These bumper stickers and news clippings are the sorts of things I like. The one that says “51% Motherfucker, 49% Son of a Bitch” is a Hell’s Angels sticker.

This Polaroid was taken by the Japanese photographer Nobuyoshi Araki. It was at the karaoke bar he owns in Tokyo. Me and Banks Violette, a friend of mine who is also an artist, went there to do karaoke and he took photographs of us and gave them to us. The picture makes me really happy.

This is a drawing of a Russian prison tattoo of Charles Manson as Jesus.

The Suicidal Tendencies hat is from Japan. I had one when I was a little kid but I lost it. Their aesthetic really reminds me of being 13. I was living in Norway and their whole West Coast Latino gangster style had a big influence on me.

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When my brothers and sisters were little they used to get worms. My mom would hold sugar cubes up to their buttholes so the worms would come out and then she would yank the worms out with tweezers. I told that story to my friend Tim and he drew me a picture of it.

This is a crystal key chain I got in a gas station when I was driving cross-country. I was having some ear problems so I got two crystals and put them in there to heal them. Crystals have magic powers. It helped!

“Don’t talk to me unless you’re naked.” I made a t-shirt iron-on of that slogan and I always wear it when I do photo shoots because I don’t wanna talk to anyone I’m shooting until they’re naked.

Pizza Dick is a restaurant in Cannes. I ate there every night.

This is a photo of a little sculpture I made with Xanax. It’s “We [heart] Xanax” spelled out with Xanax.

This is a painting of me by Elizabeth Peyton. When I posed for it, the first session was three hours, but she didn’t like it, so we did another session for two hours, but she didn’t like it again, so this was the third session. I fell asleep. So it’s me sleeping.

This is a poster for Dan Colen’s show in Berlin. It’s a Jewish prayer shawl draped over his erection. Dan’s Jewish and his father says that his erection is the “staff of life.” We wheat-pasted like a thousand of them all over the town.

The Bowen Ranch is a secret hot spring in California and this is a map to it. Only certain people can get the map. It’s run by Radical Faeries so it’s only for gays and their friends. It’s the most beautiful hot spring ever.

I didn’t use my car all winter and then when I got into it in the summer there were two rats that had died. They were the size of quarters. This is a Polaroid of them.

That’s a drawing from a children’s book of a kid falling into water. All my photos last summer were of people falling from the sky and this drawing was one of the inspirations for it.

This is a picture of a dog that fetched a dildo.