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Hey, SF - There’s a Thing Happening

You would have to be some sort of brain-dead maroon to miss the opening of Sandy Kim's new solo show.
Κείμενο Smellis Groans
02 Μάρτιος 2012, 10:55pm

Listen here: If you’re anywhere close to San Francisco you should send yourself an iCal reminder for tomorrow night. Set it for 6:00 to 10 PM. Also, choose that option where you can set a reminder for 15 minutes ahead of time, too. Then, get a 24-hour egg timer and flip it over come 6 PM today. And since we all know egg timers are unreliable as shit, go ahead and get yourself a wristwatch with an alarm, and set that thing for 6 PM too. This way you won’t forget about the opening reception for Sandy Kim’s new solo show. The exhibition is called “Soft and Wet” and will be up at the Ever Gold Gallery till March 24. Maybe you’ll even recognize one or two of the photos from that portfolio of hers we ran in the magazine two years ago.

And as an added bonus for attending, you have the chance to purchase a limited edition, large frame, full-color catalogue featuring work from the show as well as some of Sandy’s more recent projects. You would have to be some sort of brain-dead maroon to miss this.

Ever Gold Gallery
441 O’Farrell St.
SF, CA 94102