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VICE Fashion - Music Teachers - Part 2

More sexy music teachers.
Κείμενο Fredrik Skogkvist

Photographer: Fredrik Skogkvist/Family

Stylist: Behnaz Aram

Grooming: Erica Svedjevik/Mikas

Nils, 27

: “I had a student once who was a friend of a friend and she wanted to play jazz piano. So I went to her place and tried to teach her, but her grand piano was so shitty it was impossible. That’s the problem with beginners. If you’re not sure you want to play you’re not going to spend thousands of euros on an instrument, you’ll just get your grannies old, and it’s going to sound bad. I’m also playing the clarinet in a jazz band called The Stoner. My relationship with the clarinet is like a crush. I want to be with it, and play it, and touch it. I’ve never taught someone the clarinet, I’ve never tried a threesome, ha ha, so I wouldn’t know if it’s jealous.”


T-shirt by Levi’s Red, army jacket by Carhartt, jeans by Lee Vintage, glasses by Cazal.

Rebecca, 23

: “I’m studying to become a music teacher and the students I teach right now I get through my course. I know the job won’t make me rich, if that is what I wanted I’m dead wrong. I’m prepared to feel frustrated in my job, due to lack of time and resources, but I also have high hopes. I hope it will make it possible for me to do what I want to do, to play the cello. I also play in a string quartet. I suppose we don’t have idols the way a garage band would—we don’t love Oasis. It’s not a consuming passion. If we have a good gig we’ll probably go out for beers, or knick a bottle of champagne if we’re playing somewhere classy, ha ha. For us it’s more like, people will call and book a gig and you’ll go ‘Suit or ball gown?’ ‘Suit’ means we dress in black and that it’s ok to wear pants if your a girl too, ‘ball’ means evening gown and some cleavage.”

Jacket by Y3, lace body by Mary Quant, jeans by Levi’s, shoes model’s own, necklace by William Cheshire.

Caroline, 22

: "The students I have I get through the school. You can make more money from private tutoring, but I’m also working and studying on the side, so I don’t have the time. Apart from teaching I work as violinist in a string ensemble. We play string arrangements for different pop groups. I just returned from a tour around Australia and New Zealand with Brian Wilson from the Beach Boys. I think it’s amazing the way he has come back. He is a very special person, but when I met him on the tour he was happy and he talked a lot. No, I didn’t notice him having any particular diet. He seemed to eat pretty much what ever.”


Shirt by Behnaz Aram, 3/4 length trousers by Nakkna, shoes by Umbro by Kim Jones, bracelet by William Cheshire.

Cheetah, 17

: “I used to be a Work Experience Scheme trainee at a music school called Farbror Fläskkorv. I was there for two weeks. Next week I’m getting my first private student. He is eight and I’m going to teach him the guitar. I’m going to start with Deep Purple’s ‘Smoke on the Water.’ I know him a bit through the children’s choir, where I play the guitar. It’s going to be fun, it’s like “Ha ha, I get to play the guitar show off”, I get to teach him and I’m also getting paid to do it. Once, at Farbror Fläskkorv, I had a group of children with ADD. They were playing a song and the drummer started playing too fast. She got so angry she threw her drumsticks at me and tried to push over the drum kit. No, it didn’t look like a rock band, it looked like a really angry 12-year-old.”

Shoes by Puma, jacket, t-shirt and leopard print leggings model’s own.

Tor, 24

: “I’ve been playing for 12 years. I started teaching when I was 19, and some of the students I was teaching were 16. The goal is to be able to live of my music, preferably without the students. I’ve been in The Paper Faces since this summer, and we want to make it big. My heroes are New Order. Definitely New Order. We’re playing at the same festival this summer. If I see them, I’m going to have to go up to them and say something.”


Cardigan by Fred Perry, t-shirt stylist’s own, shoes by Nike Zvezdochka, scarf by Behnaz Aram, bracelet by William Cheshire.

Camilla, 22

: “I fall in love with all my students. It’s so cool, I get to meet people and they reveal so much about themselves through the music. I started playing when I was about six. It was boring. I wouldn’t know my homework until ten minutes before class, I’d struggle through twenty minutes of class and go home with a new homework. When I teach I try to find out what the students like. Mostly it’s Roxette. Right now the money I’m making mainly come from my spare time bands. If I make it big with my music I’d definitely still want to be a teacher.”

Hooded sweatshirt by Nike Split, dress by Henrik Vibskov, bracelet by William Cheshire, earring by Silas, shoes by Nike.