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Another Year on the Streets

Congratulations. If you're reading this, you just survived the deadliest day of the year for pedestrians.
Brian Merchant
Κείμενο Brian Merchant

Well, congratulations. If you're reading this, you've most likely made it through another holiday season with little more than a series of hangovers, a healthy annoyance at your extended family, and a bunch of shiny stuff you don't need. But you're alive.

So consider yourself fortunate, especially if you're fond of walking around—New Year's is the deadliest day for pedestrians of the year. "Researchers in the journal Injury Prevention counted 99 pedestrian deaths on Jan. 1 between 1986 and 2002," the Washington Post's Sarah Kliff explains, "making it the deadliest day for pedestrians in the calendar year. Those deaths were more likely to occur in the early hours of the morning, with 48 percent happening between midnight and 6 a.m."

That trend has continued.

All those people spilling out of bars after midnight and making their way to the next party or cab or diner but instead getting run down by drivers who are probably drunk account for half of the crazy New Year's death spree, in other words.

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