• We Went To An Outback Love Hunt

    With 89 percent of Australians living in cities, we’re the most urbanised country in the world. But with most of our population crammed into cities, you have to feel for the other 11 percent. That’s where B&S or bachelors and spinsters balls come in...

  • Machetes and Motorbikes at Mali's Sangue-Mo Fishing Festival

    Unless your ideal vacation involves drinking far too much in a dirty brothel, there aren't many reasons to visit San, a town in the Ségou region of Mali. In fact, most guide books actively tell you to skip it. But once a year, the people of this truck...

  • We Spoke to a Former Crack Addict About Rob Ford

    "Usually people don’t move right to crack cocaine. People like the mayor don’t decide to have a glass of wine with dinner and then go buy a bag of crack. It doesn’t usually go that way. You aren’t just trying it with your friends out of nowhere when...

  • Cry-Baby of the Week

    This week: the drunk woman who doesn't like trains versus the drunk woman who called the police on her kids.

  • Blacking Out Is the Other Universal Language

    People have been going on vacations to make bad decisions since antiquity, and that’s not going to change. So in the spirit of broadening our horizons, we’ve asked our international offices to dig up the strangest, booziest stories of vacations gone...

  • Iowa City

    One time Laura's roommate's boyfriend got us a gig in Iowa City. To play a gig outside our hometown was an event—to play outside our state—well, we were beside ourselves!