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On the Chopping Block: Nerds

The University of Florida is axing its Computer Sciences department. Seriously.
Κείμενο Ana Tiwathia

In a mystifying budget decision, University of Florida has decided to get rid of its computer science department. The graduate and research programs have been eliminated completely and portions of the undergraduate program will be absorbed by other departments. There will be no funding for teaching assistants.

By discarding their CISE department, cash-strapped UF will save about 1.7 million dollars. Wait, did I say cash-strapped? Oh yeah, the school has increased its athletic budget by 2 million.

It stands to reason when you think about it. Everyone knows how irrelevant computer science has become. Everyone knows that the fastest growing job groups in 2012 are in professional athletics. They’re literally handing out NFL quarterback spots and job security is virtually guaranteed. Right?

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